Frank Couch LMFT, CDP
Individual and Family Therapist

Life is full of uncertainty, the  one thing  we can count on is change. I can help  you navigate  the rough times ahead.

About My Practice

Life is Full of Transitions

Individual Counseling

Part of what I do is help people manage the transitions of their lives. Whatever you are experiencing  depression, grief and loss, a break up or even recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. I can help you explore identity related issues or the stress of oppression. Its nice to have someone to walk with you when the road is not clear. I work with what you bring to the session and will help you manage the transition.



I have a vast history in substance use disorders and a strong handle on 12 step recovery. I have worked in inpatient and outpatient settings and have a working knowledge of families dealing with addiction issues. I have extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults with co-occuring disorders. I take a systems approach and think that communication is key to any relationship including the therapeutic relationship. If you are ready to start your journey of change, I can help.



Addiction - Recovery- Anxiety- Depression- LGBTQ - Adolescents- Young Adults- Relationships- Communication- Race,Equity and Social Justice related Issues - CBT, Motivational Interviewing- Spirituality - Bowen Family Therapy- Self Esteem - Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) Public Speaking-Approved Clinical Supervision        

What to Expect

Goals of Therapy


Together we can determine and prioritize therapeutic goals. The therapeutic relationship will be focused on you. Although I will help you dig deeper and examine your thoughts and feelings; we will work on what you bring to the session.  I will help you do this by encouraging honesty, self-acceptance, commitment and engagement in your therapeutic work. At times you may not know what to say or talk about; these can be the most rewarding and enriching sessions. There is no right or wrong topic in therapy, you will not be judged. The counseling room and session is a safe space. The goal of therapy is that you become aware of self and find a balance that is self directed.

Therapeutic Relationship


Everything we discuss is confidential under the AAMFT professional code of ethics and Washington State law. There are two circumstances that allow me to break confidentiality: One) if you sign a consent form allowing me to discuss your case, or Two) if you confide in me that you are about to harm yourself or another person. These examples are also highlighted in my disclosure statement. The therapeutic relationship depends on trust and the willingness to be honest with each other. I am nonjudgmental and will respect your thoughts and feelings. The purpose of therapy is to help you discover what change if any, is needed in order for you to move forward in life.  I can help make change through exploring your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Change is not easy, but it is possible if you are willing to work for it.

How We Work Together


The decision to begin counseling is an important and personal one. I offer a free 25-minute session  to help you decide if we are a good fit and if you think I can  provide what you need in a therapist. This consultation appointment is an opportunity for me to learn about you as well. After our initial consultation appointment, a regular 50-minute session will be scheduled and/or a referral will be made depending on your needs.  I will encourage you to jump right in and start discussing what is most important  for you to work on. I will begin to  gather historical and familial information to develop a better understanding of your therapeutic needs, and to develop a plan that fits your desires. I will ask that you fill out an assessment form and bring that to your first session.  If possible bring a signed copy of my disclosure form to our first session. We will determine the course of treatment together, I recommend weekly sessions to start. We will check in regularly to make sure that you are getting your therapeutic needs met.

Approved Clinical Supervisor


Whether you have most or all  of your supervision hours or are looking for a fresh prospective, individual supervision can help you grow professionally and expand your skill set. Supervision allows you to explore and build your  confidence while increasing your skills in the therapeutic arena.  Collaboratively we can look  ethical dilemmas, case review, practice development, clinical formulation, self-care, and social justice concepts.   Together we can look at  resources that could benefit you and your clients, and so much more.

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